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Programs and Services



Employability Skills 

This program focuses on skills we all learn and pick up through  our life experiences and via osmosis.  Because Deaf consumers have different life experiences and learn differently than we do, these skills are often not communicated or learned in their language or culture.

Academic Skills

    • Communication Skills
    • Thinking Skills
    • Learning Skills


Personal Management Skills

    • Positive Attitudes and Behaviours
    • Responsibility
    • Self-esteem and Self-confidence
    • Decision Making Skills
    • Problem Solving Skills
    • Flexibility


Employment Counseling Includes

    • Employers Expectations
    • Hearing Culture and Norms
    • Deaf Culture and Norms and how they fit in the hearing world
    • Real World (Reality Therapy)
    • Problem Solving Skills
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Interviewing Skills and Techniques
    • Job Application Forms Training Program
    • Career Decision Making
    • Resume Preparation
    • Job Search Coaching


Agency Activities

    • Job Development within the community
    • Accessibility Consultation and Advocacy
    • Employer/Public Awareness - Sensitivity Educational Presentations
    • Access to funding through Government agencies for education/employment
    • Accommodations


Fine-Tuning Skills

        • Discovering your interests and skills
        • How to contact an employer
        • How to use the relay services for employer contacts and follow-ups
        • The importance of employer follow-ups
        • How to properly use an Interpreter in a job interview situation
        • Vocabulary used by employers and what to expect an how to answer
        • How to best oneself during an interview situation